Philip Stark Studio


Philip Stark received a BFA from Pennsylvania State University with majors in photography and cinematography. He worked as a first assistant to Irving Penn before opening his natural light studio on West 29th Street in New York City.

His clients include ABC, the BBC, Bill Moyers, Chris Squire ( Yes), Cynthia Rowley,E! Entertainment, Idina Menzel, Johnny “Rotten” Lydon, Kool & The Gang, The Los Angeles Times, The Learning Channel, Lincoln Centerl, L’Oréal, Nellie McKay, The New York Times, Manhattan Mortgage, Pacific Telecommunications, PBS, Puma,Revlon, Salomon Brothers, Scott Kay, Slam, Sports Illustrated, and The Washington Post.

Mr. Stark has also lectured extensively throughout the United States and abroad. More recently, his lectures have been presented across the country from Yale Graduate School to the University of Northern Colorado, with an emphasis on the psychology of portraiture. Please contact Mr. Stark directly for this service.